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It’s me, Tanvir Ahmad Arjel, a Software Engineer, Passionate Programmer and a Programming Blogger, with almost four years of experience in the field of software engineering, hailed from Mohanganj, Netrakona. I completed my S.S.C from Mohanganj Pilot Govt. High School, Mohanganj and H.S.C from Notre Dame College, Dhaka. I took my Honor’s degree on Electronic and Electrical Engineering from Faculty of Engineering and Technology, University of Dhaka.

Although I studied on Electronic and Electrical Engineering but I took programming as the way of my career. However, I am a little bit late starter in the field of programming. Now programming, I think, is not my profession but passion. Alhamdulillah I never get bored or tired of programming. I can code all day long. Besides programming, I would like to read books and do mobile photography.

Skill and Expertise


C# | ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core MVC | ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core Web API | Enity Framework/Enity Framework Core | ASP.NET/ASP.NET Core Identity | ASP.NET Core Razor Page | ASP.NET Web Services | ADO.NET | LINQ
Design Pattern/Design Principle

Repository Pattern | Unit of Work Pattern | Dependency Injection | Singleton Pattern | Factory Method | Abstract Factory | Builder Design Pattern | ProtoType Design Pattern | Adapter Design Pattern | SOLID Design Principle | DRY Principle

JavaScript | Angular | AngularJS | jQuery |  Google Maps API
Front End Design

HTML/HTML5 | CSS/CSS3 | Bootstrap3/4

Microsoft SQL Server | MySQL


Photoshop CC | Illustrator CC


University of Dhaka

Department: Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Year: 2008-2013

Notre Dame College

Division: Science

Year: 2006

Mohanganj Pilot Govt. High School

Division: Science

Year: 2004

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Tanvir Ahmad Arjel -Software Engineer

Father of a Princess, a Passionate Programmer, Software Architect, Software Engineer, Programming Blogger and a high ambitious dreamer..

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